Marcel Avram: Going for Gold

The German Concert Promoter Celebrates His 25th Anniversary 1993 By Opening Up The International Market

One thing that no one in the live music industry should ever forget is that the most important people in it are the artists and those who pay to see them," says Marcel Avram. "There are many, many of us whose primary role is to serve this business, and while the public may envy us for the kind of work that we do, it is their applause for the actual entertainers that should provide us with the ultimate job satisfaction."

After a quarter of a century at the forefront of European concert promotion, Avram certainly knows a thing or two about pleasing both performers and public alike. His German-based company, MAMA Concerts & Rau, has firmly established itself as a leading force on the international stage, and the roster of clients practically reads like a Who's Who of the popular music scene—from Michael Jackson to Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra to Whitney Houston, Prince to Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton to Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen to AC/DC, Liza Minnelli to Michael Bolton, Eros Ramazzotti to the Rolling Stones, Jose Carreras to...well, the list just goes on and on.

Such well-earned success ties in directly with a company policy of continually adapting to the tastes and trends of a business that never stands still - as well as taking the initiative and creating a few new ones. Still, Avram does not classify himself as a trendsetter. "Moving on to new things just comes naturally," he says. "One simply develops new ideas and tries to realize them."

MAMA Concerts & Rau is also a leading European light when it comes to expanding its operation on a worldwide basis, and while Avram asserts that "flexibility, creativity and understanding are the key to the '90s," a few days spent at his company make it abundantly clear that it is sheer hard work that has opened the door to success. There's a reason the company's notepaper used to bear the legend "MAMA never sleeps."
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