It was 25 Years ago

Nevertheless, it was not until Avram was 30 years old, in 1968, that he met the group of people who were to initiate his move into a music-related career. One was Peter Hauke, who was a step ahead of Avram and already organizing concerts. In due course, the two men began to talk about business, and when Avram discovered that Hauke's company was in need of a cash injection, he seized the moment and stepped in.

Hauke had two major concerts lined up for 1968, one featuring Steppenwolf and the other the Beach Boys. The contracts were ready for signatures, but there was one little problem holding things up at the promoter's end: not enough money to pay the artists' fees. Avram was able to remedy the situation and in turn became Hauke's partner.

The fees were guaranteed, the contracts were signed, the shows went ahead, and Marcel Avram became a full-fledged concert promoter. Yet his initiation into the world of major-scale entertainment was far from trouble-free. Indeed, he soon discovered that a big name on the contract didn't guarantee big returns at the box office, and his initially optimistic expectations were often dashed when even sell-out concerts failed to deliver a profit. Time and again, Avram had to reach into his own pockets in order to bail the company out of trouble, and eventually the partnership with Hauke fell apart. Avram found himself investing more and more money into the ailing business and, after 18 months, he decided that enough was enough and called it quits.
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